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Wimbledon Men's Final

Posted on 2013/07/07 20:52:57 (July 2013).

[Sunday 7th July 2013]
I thought I'd give Chie another complete break this afternoon, so she went out shopping with Ai-san again, and I took Erika along to Al's house. He'd invited us there for the afternoon to watch the Wimbledon men's final in his back garden. I'd just assumed it would be an excuse to drink Pimm's and eat strawberries on a surprisingly summery day, but despite my general disinterest in all sports couldn't help but be quite excited at Andy Murray actually winning.

Erika had been pretty happy for most of the time there, but her mood had deteriorated during the last half hour or so of the game, and so I missed a lot of the build up to the end. Still, even though she was a bit teary (I think she was just tired and wanted a nap) it was lovely to be there with her at that moment - I'd never known a British champion at Wimbledon in all my lifetime up to now, but Erika saw one before she was even a year old.

Another favourite moment of the afternoon came when Erika was playing with the toy picnic set Chie had got her in Liberty earlier this week. One of the guests commented that Erika's picnic set appeared to have a little bottle of Champagne in it, which prompted another guest (I forget who) to say "She's John's daughter, of course it does".

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