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Bread, Walking and Farm Animals

Posted on 2013/06/29 13:47:11 (June 2013).

[Saturday 29th June 2013]
Erika and I popped over to Bermondsey in the morning to buy bread from the St. John Bakery. I've been to their restaurant a few times now and always really liked their bread, so was pleased to have the opportunity to buy some to have at home. It's also in quite an interesting sort of "market" - on Druid Street there's a series of railway arches, and a few of them have now turned into foodie shops. It's a bit like Borough Market, but without all the crowds, or the stupid ostrich burgers.

I also bought some doughnuts, and some cheese from one of the other shops. So when Erika and I returned home from our little shopping trip the three of us had a funny sort of brunch of bread, cheese and doughnuts. It was very nice.

After that we went along to the sort of fete thing that was happening in Pimlico today. It was pretty naff to be honest - last year there had been a few farmer's market type stalls, and I'd managed to pick up some cider. This year though it was just all the rubbish bits from a village fete - the raffles etc - without any of the interesting things to eat and drink.

They did at least have a corner devoted to Vauxhall City Farm though - and they'd brought along some farm animals, which Chie seemed to enjoy far more than Erika.

Also Erika's walker arrived today - she's very close to walking all by herself now! Here's a video of her taking her first few steps without anybody else holding her:

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