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Erika's Tweed Cap

Posted on 2013/06/29 13:47:10 (June 2013).

[Monday 24th June 2013]
When at Kyle and Hannah's place recently, I'd mentioned in passing that I'd tried to find a tweed cap for Erika, and was surprised to discover nowhere seems to sell them in baby sizes. So I was really touched when Hannah very kindly offered to make one for her, and Kyle gave it to us today. I absolutely love it, and consequently took lots of photos today of Erika in it - including a particular favourite in which I'm also wearing my tweed cap.

I left the office quite early today - just after 5 - so I could meet up with Chie and Erika (and have her try on her hat!) and go to Chinatown to buy things for dinner. I made a few courses as I always seem to now - vegetarian "duck" pancakes, tom yam soup, choi sum in a garlic, ginger and sake sauce with bean curd puffs, and a dish of ho fun with some odd spicy tofu I also found today.

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osoroi de iine!

Posted by yoko at 2013/06/30 03:54:38.

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