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Saturday in Tokyo

Posted on 2013/06/16 12:28:52 (June 2013).

[Saturday 8th June 2013]
I'd sort of imagined Chie would have planned a busy social schedule for our last day or two in Tokyo, but actually we didn't really have a huge amount on.

In the morning we met Masumi-san for breakfast - she was working today so was only free until 9 or so.

We weren't really sure what to do with ourselves after that. Chie wanted to try the vegan ramen place in Tokyo station which I'd been to by myself on a previous trip to Tokyo, and that sort of set the agenda for the daytime - we ended up spending most of it around Tokyo station.

I particularly enjoyed visiting the Imperial Hotel - they have a sort of shopping arcade of upmarket shops in the basement there, and I found a traditional barber shop among them, so decided to have a hair cut there.

I also tried out the Old Imperial Bar at the Imperial Hotel, while Chie met a friend in the station, which I really enjoyed. It's in the region of a hundred years old - the only part of the hotel which still has the original Frank Lloyd Wright design - and in a way it's the sort of Tokyo equivalent of the American Bar at the Savoy in London. I think it was one of the first bars serving cocktails in the city, and was quite instrumental in introducing cocktails to Japan.

In the evening, after a very quick dinner at Chien-Fu (again, mainly because it's easy), Chie went out to meet another friend, and I stayed in to look after Erika.

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Posted by John at 2013/06/16 13:34:30.

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