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The Day of Two Pizzas

Posted on 2013/06/16 12:28:51 (June 2013).

[Thursday 6th June 2013]
I found myself craving pizza this evening. After a bit of research (mainly Time Out Japan's best pizza in Tokyo article) I decided to head in the direction of Naka-Meguro, which I'd barely heard of as an area, but seems to have quite a thriving restaurant scene. Once there I headed to Da Isa which felt very Italian throughout - from the decor of the place (including tables spilling out onto the pavement - not so common in Japan) to the pizza itself.

Somehow I then hit upon the notion of going to a second pizza place afterwards and having another pizza. Largely, I suppose, because I was by myself, and there was no-one around to tell me I shouldn't. So I headed to the slightly more bizarre Seirinkan, which only has two pizzas on the menu (margherita or marinara) and had an odd sort of "steampunk" decor. I think I overall preferred the first place, but there was an interestingly succulent quality to the crust, which I believe has something to do with brushing salt onto the outside of it.

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