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Ueno Work Night Out

Posted on 2013/06/16 12:28:51 (June 2013).

[Wednesday 5th June 2013]
I'd spent a total of four weeks working in Tokyo so far this year, and actually hadn't yet properly gone out for an evening with the team I work with there. So it seemed it was high time to address that, and this evening a large group of us went to a beer garden in Ueno. It was on the edge of the park, atop a hotel or something, and had quite a nice view, (of which I neglected to take any pictures) but was surprisingly windy. I'd been quite worried I'd find it too hot on this trip so it was oddly a pleasant surprise to be a bit on the cold side.

We were shoed out when the place closed at 9, and from there proceded to try and find a venue for a "niijikai" (second party). We had a surprisingly large group of people still - more than 10 - although I did notice a disproportionate representation of ex-pats in the people who were still left at this point. Lots of the bustling izakayas in the alleyways of Ueno were full, but we eventually found one with an outdoor table big enough to accomodate us. Most of the pictures of the evening are actually from this second venue, which was perhaps a bit more run-of-the-mill than the beer garden, but by this point everyone was a bit more jolly, so there was quite a good atmosphere.

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