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Ginza and Yurakucho

Posted on 2013/06/16 12:28:51 (June 2013).

[Tuesday 4th June 2013]
I dropped a batch of shirts off to be laundered first thing this morning, and wished I'd done it yesterday, as it turned out they would take until Thursday lunchtime, and I was already wearing my last clean shirt. Oh well.

In the evening I was in the mood for pasta, and decided to try out one of the other branches of Al Dente, the spaghetti place in Shinjuku I was introduce to by Lorenzo, which is still a firm favourite. I found they have a branch in Ginza, which would actually work out a bit quicker to get to from my office in Roppongi - especially as there was an entrance from Ginza station pretty much straight into the Sony Building, in which Al Dente was housed. It was a smaller branch, not quite the same atmosphere, but the menu was the same and the food was pretty much as good.

After that I wandered around Ginza a bit but found myself heading inexorably in the direction of the vending machine bar in nearby Yurakucho. I initially planned to just have one quick drink then head back, but whilst there I got talking to some of the regulars (yes, the vending machine bar has regulars) who were surprisingly friendly and welcoming. I had the impression of it being the sort of very down-at-heel locals kind of place where "tourists" might not be welcomed but actually that wasn't really the case, and they just seemed very pleased to have the opportunity to meet someone new.

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