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Friday in Hiroshima

Posted on 2013/06/01 06:58:59 (June 2013).

[Friday 31st May 2013]
Chie had arranged for us to go on a tour of the Mazda car plant this morning - neither of us are particularly into cars (we don't own one, for a start) but Chie generally likes these kind of factory tour things, and besides it was within walking distance of where Chie's parents live, so it seemed like something we might as well do at some point.

So not really my sort of thing, but I suppose seeing the actual production line (unfortunately we couldn't take pictures there) was sort of interesting. Possibly the highlight for me was that we were given a 50% discount in the coffee shop afterwards!

We headed into the centre of Hiroshima after that (well, the main station anyway, which isn't exactly in the centre) in order to find something for lunch, before then heading off to the hospital again to visit Chie's Dad. He's likely going to be there about a week while he recovers from the operation, and it was good to see that he was already up and walking again today.

After that we got a taxi back to the Moriwaki's flat, and pretty much stayed in the remainder of the day - other than popping out briefly to buy things for dinner.

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