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Wednesday in Hiroshima

Posted on 2013/06/01 06:58:59 (June 2013).

[Wednesday 29th May 2013]
Didn't take any pictures today - somehow it didn't feel appropriate with Chie's Dad's operation looming.

Chie, Erika and I got a taxi to the hospital around 11, and then I looked after Erika for a while so Chie could be with her parents whilst the doctors talked to them about the operation. The hospital wasn't close to the centre of Hiroshima, and there was pretty much nothing in the immediate vicinity, so it wasn't easy to kill time.

After Chie had finished talking to the doctors, we went for lunch at a nearby Grazie Gardens (the Italian "famiresu" chain we used to go to quite a lot when we lived in Japan). It's incredibly cheap, and I always used to think the quality wasn't bad considering, but I guess my tastes have moved on a bit.

After that we headed back to the flat where I remained the rest of the day - and ended up doing some work (until about 2AM, as a bit of an issue had occurred), but Chie, Erika and Chie's Mum popped back to the hospital to see Hirofumi-san again in the evening.

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