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Miyajima Aquarium

Posted on 2013/05/28 00:59:08 (May 2013).

[Monday 27th May 2013]
We decided to take Erika to visit the aquarium on Miyajima today - whilst most of these sorts of attractions are a bit lost on her at this age, she does seem to like watching fish (there's a fish tank at Chie's doctors surgery).

Being on Miyajima it of course offered the usual fun of taking the ferry, the chance to visit the usual landmarks, and take a few photos in front of the famous umi-no-tori.

Chie was very keen to get to the aquarium in time for the sealion show, but Erika slept through that - still at least one of the girls enjoyed it!

Erika did seem genuinely interested in the rest of the aquarium, maybe it's just the lights and the colours, but still she stared intensely into all the tanks.

On the way back to the ferry we stopped off in one of the shops for a momiji-manju and a cup of green tea. They had a really nice garden out the back which we could look at whilst sitting and eating our momiji-manju. Unbelievably good value for 70 yen (46p!) each.

After getting the ferry back to the mainland, we waved off Hirofumi-san, and Chie, Erika and I took the tram to where Chie's cousin Sato-chan lives, so we could pop in and say hello to her and her baby Kohe-kun, who is about 3 months old now. Erika always seems really interested in other babies and it was interesting to compare notes on what it's like bringing up a baby in Japan rather than the UK (in this particular instance I think the UK fared rather well).

Back at the flat in the evening we had tofu we'd bought in a tofu shop near Sato-chan's house - it was green rather than white which was a bit unusual - but other than that tasted pretty much the same as usual.

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