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Thursday in Tokyo

Posted on 2013/05/25 01:56:00 (May 2013).

[Thursday 23rd May 2013]
Not quite such a long day at the office today - I was in at 8:30, but left at 5 - although lunch was a 15 minute affair so I think I still technically did overtime.

Met Andy in the evening, as is becoming the norm at the Hobgoblin in Roppongi. I was keen not to be stuck in horrible Roppongi all evening, so as soon as I could drag Andy away from probably the only place in Tokyo which has English cask ale on tap (which meant about pint number 4 for him - I've learnt from past experience not to bother trying to keep up) we headed over to Shinjuku. I'd envisaged we might do a bit of bar hopping there, but we ended up staying in the Asahi Beer Hall. Therein we ordered their ridiculously oversized steins (apparently 1.3 litre capacity, although Japanese beer always comes with a massive head and they're pretty lax with measurements so I'm pretty sure it was actually much less in practice).

After Andy headed home I decided to round off the evening by poking my nose in at Bar Champion, the karaoke bar I used to go to with colleagues when living in Tokyo. I met three British people there, which was rather nice, and they joined me in a duet (quaduet?) of I Predict a Riot.

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