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Wednesday in Tokyo

Posted on 2013/05/25 01:56:00 (May 2013).

[Wednesday 22nd May 2013]
Did about a 13 hour day at the Tokyo office today. Was originally thinking I'd just eat something wherever I could find it and slink off back to my hotel after that, but somehow I ended up dragging myself all the way over to Ikebukuro when I finally finished work, and followed the long established tradition of dinner at Rohlan followed by whisky at Quercus. As always I had the vegetarian tonkatsu, and for the first time tried their "hot and sour ramen". This was vast - sometimes ramen can be a giant bowl of soup with just a few noodles floating about. This however would have been a full bowl even if they'd left the soup out, and it sort of defied the laws of physics that it all fit in at all.

Normally when visiting Japan I give Watanabe-san advance notice that I'll be popping in to see him at Quercus, but given the somewhat short term planning of this trip, I hadn't got round to that, so just sort of showed up. He was quite surprised. It was also nice that Kohe-san, one of the old regulars I've chatted to in the past was there. He used to live in London, and speaks English with an English accent, although we mostly spoke in Japanese this evening.

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