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Tuesday in Tokyo

Posted on 2013/05/25 01:56:00 (May 2013).

[Tuesday 21st May 2013]
Woke up just before 6am this evening, and was in the office before 8am. That was pretty much the pattern for most of this week - I seemed to average less than 6 hours sleep, and somehow was fine with that.

Met up with Tanaka-san in Ebisu in the evening - neither of us could really think of anywhere new or different we want to go, so we ended up just revisiting some of the same places we'd been to in Ebisu on my last visit. Started off in the same branch of Pronto, then as a slight deviation went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, then went back to the alleway full of little bars and restaurants, which somehow didn't seem as fun second time round. Japan really isn't set up for bar hopping / pub crawls - there's effectively a cover charge at every place you go to in the form of an "otoshi" - a little snack which you pay for whether you want it or not, and is all the more annoying for me as it almost always involves fish. I wish in hindsight we'd gone back to the vending machine bar in Yurakucho!

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