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Monday in Tokyo

Posted on 2013/05/25 01:56:00 (May 2013).

[Monday 20th May 2013]
Our flight landed around 9:30am, and after getting through immigration and customs we briefly met up with Ai-san (Chie's friend who works as a cabin attendant) who was passing through Narita between Singapore and Bangkok. It was a very quick hello, and then Chie and Erika headed off on the shuttle bus to Haneda airport, from where they'd be flying straight to Hiroshima. I waved them off and then wearily got aboard a train bound for central Tokyo.

I arrived at my office around lunchtime - the plan was that I was going to do a full day's work today, but by 4pm I realised I was falling asleep at my desk, and decided I ought to go back to my hotel for a bit of a nap. I was very disciplined with this - set the alarm for 8pm, then got up, went for a quick dinner at the vegetarian Chinese place near the hotel which we'd discovered in March, and then headed back into the office from 9pm onwards. I was utterly determined to do something close to a full day's work.

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