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Hats, and Lunch with Erika

Posted on 2013/05/25 01:55:21 (May 2013).

[Sunday 12th May 2013]
Erika tried on the hat we bought for her yesterday (for the record it was my choice, and Chie wasn't entirely convinced) this morning. We realised I had a similar hat, from the collection of hats I've bought pretty much every year we've been somewhere for a summer holiday, and then I've never worn again. The hat in question is actually a straw Stetson, bought in Nice.

Chie went out for lunch with her friend at "Burger and Lobster" in Soho. For a change we thought it would be good for Chie to have a break from parenting duties, and so I looked after Erika by myself for a bit. I wasn't really sure what to do to begin with, but then thought we should probably go out for lunch too, and so we ended up going to Made in Italy on Old Compton Street. It hadn't really occurred to me until I sat down but this was actually the first time the two of us have ever been out for a meal without Chie there. I took a food pouch for Erika which she guzzled down enthusiastically, so that was rather lovely.

Met up with Chie and her friend afterwards and the four of us went together for coffee at Fernandez and Wells.

In the evening I made a vegetarian version of niku jaga for dinner, which was quite nice.

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