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Mr. Kong

Posted on 2013/04/09 18:50:04 (April 2013).

[Monday 8th April 2013]
My cold progressed today, from being mainly an irritating cough, to the next phase of being snotty and sneezy. It did seem to be dragging on a bit.

As always on Mondays I fancied Chinese food for dinner, and I didn't particularly feel in the mood for cooking, so we decided to eat out. We got the 24 bus to Chinatown and dined at one of my two favourite Chinese restaurants there - Mr. Kong. It's still the only place we've found in Chinatown with a separate vegetarian menu. The food was really good as always, and pleasingly there were two other babies in the restaurant, so we didn't feel like the odd ones out.

Comment 1

Is Erika actually handling the chopsticks there?

Posted by John's Mum at 2013/04/10 09:08:41.

Comment 2

What a cutie!!! (And I mean Erika obviously! :-D )

Posted by Nigel at 2013/04/15 20:27:01.

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