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Easter Monday

Posted on 2013/04/09 18:47:36 (April 2013).

[Monday 1st April 2013]
Thanks to Easter Monday I had a day off to recover from jetlag a bit before going back to work.

Chie was keen to just stay in and have a thorough rest today, but I thought at least a short outing would be a good idea - partly because getting out in the daylight helps to adjust to the time zone difference, but also because I'd rather missed London this last month. So I took Erika to do a bit of shopping at Fortnum and Mason - in addition to a rose and violet cream easter egg I picked up some olive oil and a couple of cheeses. Erika slept to begin with, but woke up part way through our time in Fortnum's - so I was sure to show her the displays of all the prettily decorated easter eggs. I remember as a kid being fascinated by grown ups' easter eggs, they always looked so fancy when compared to the gaudy mass produced ones made for kids.

After that we had a bit of a stroll around St. James's - of course being Easter monday pretty much everything on Jermyn street was closed - but it was still nice to look in the windows nonetheless. From there we walked all the way back to the flat, with a stop off at Sainsbury's to buy things for dinner.

Made a roast meal for dinner, which seemed appropriate for Easter monday, and it was rather lovely to have roast potatoes etc after a month away from old Blighty.

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