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Flying Back to London

Posted on 2013/04/01 08:22:54 (April 2013).

[Sunday 31st March 2013]
Chie's family waved us off at Narita airport this morning, and stayed right up until the last moment when we'd disappeared through security, which was very sweet of them.

The flight back to London went fairly well I suppose, I don't think Erika cried at all the whole time, although at one or two points she did do a few excited shrieks which she seems to have got into the habit of now and again recently. As we were disembarking the chap who'd been sitting behind us told us we have a "top class baby", and went on further to say we must be "top class parents" which rather put a smile on my face. She slept about four hours in total, long enough on one particular stretch for us to properly watch almost a whole film (the latest bond film - Skyfall - which weirdly seemed to turn into Mrs Brown towards the end).

Arriving back in Heathrow is always a bit of a depressing start to returning to the UK. The Heathrow Express annoyed me - the service was a bit infrequent as it was Sunday (or some excuse like that) and in the time we were waiting at the ticket desk (behind which there were two people "working" but only one till open) we missed a train. Singles are now 20 each. We couldn't get a return because we were away from over 30 days (31 days to be precise). Then I got stuck in the lift door - which I reported to the staff and it was met with complete indifference. Then I was thirsty so tried to get a drink from one of the vending machines on the platform, neither of them worked. Then the taxi we got from Paddington was charging a holiday tariff because it was Easter Sunday, which seemed a bit dubious to me. A bit of a grumpy start to being back in England.

Anyway, it was nice when we eventually got back to the flat.

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