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Friday in Tokyo

Posted on 2013/04/01 08:22:54 (April 2013).

[Friday 29th March 2013]
Last day working from the Tokyo office, and probably the most productive of the week. Went along to their TGIF at the end of the day, which I noticed finishes very abruptly at 6:30. Of all the offices I've visited, London's is definitely the best.

Popped back to the hotel after that, and headed out with Chie and Erika to a restaurant called "Mercer Brunch" where we had dinner with Chie's friends Yuki-san, Yumi-san and Asakua-san. It was a bit swanky and dimly lit and I wasn't really sure what to make of the menu - sort of pan-European tapas I suppose. I left a bit earlier with Erika so that Chie could have a bit of time with the girls, and on the way back to the hotel went by way of the little street of cherry blossom trees I could see from my room. We'd mostly managed to miss the cherry blossoms on this trip - they hadn't really fully bloomed while we were in Hiroshima, but had been earlier in Tokyo, so that they were coming to an end already by the time we got here.

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