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Wednesday in Hiroshima

Posted on 2013/03/20 13:05:13 (March 2013).

[Wednesday 20th March 2013]
I felt much better this morning, and by contrast with yesterday was filled with a kind of joie de vivre that I think you can only really achieve the day after a bout of feverish vomitting.

Went out for a walk with Chie's Dad and Erika in the morning, around a nearby park, to see the first bloomings of the cherry trees. Erika slept throughout so didn't really get to see any of it. Chie's Dad mentioned a Japanese proverb during the walk which translates as "after the rain, the bamboo grows more quickly", which seemed apt on a number of levels - in the immediate term my current state of recovering from a quite unpleasant bout of illness, and in a slightly broader sense the current churn at work, which has been constantly playing on my mind throughout this time off.

Today was also the spring equinox, which in a self indulgent and probably quite nauseating way I feel compelled to say lent an added poignance to anything and everything. It all added up to the sort of scenario in which people decide it appropriate to write haiku. Fortunately I managed to stop short of that.

Had yaki soba for lunch - the first proper food (apart from the one-and-a-bit bowls of rice porridge yesterday) since Sunday evening.

Later on in the afternoon we popped out for a bit to meet a friend of Chie's and her Mum, who has since become a friend of Chie's Mum. We were going to go to a coffee place, but it was full, so instead we went to a restaurant near where Chie's Grandma lives, which has often caught my attention because it has a waterwheel outside.

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