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Poorly John

Posted on 2013/03/20 03:43:51 (March 2013).

[Tuesday 19th March 2013]
Almost exactly 24 hours on from Erika, at around 3am I woke up, and then embarked on a course of several hours of vomitting. This was not a great deal of fun. I haven't been sick through illness since I was a kid, as far as I can remember - the only times I've ever thrown up in my adult life have been on the occasions that I've had too much to drink. As I'm sure you can imagine such occasions are extremely rare.

By 8am or so I stopped throwing up, but then felt really awful for the rest of the day - feverish and exhausted. I just about managed to have a shower in the afternoon, but other than that was pretty much bedridden all day.

Reassuringly Erika seemed completely fine already by today, and Chie impressively didn't seem to have caught the bug.

I managed half a bowl of okayu (rice porridge - what you typically eat in Japan when you're poorly) for lunch, and then forced down a full bowl for dinner, even though I had very little appetite. I also took a paracetamol which helped the fever a bit. Still felt drained for the rest of the evening, but had the impression I was on the mend.

Comment 1

Sounds pretty bad... :-( My sympathies.

Posted by Nigel at 2013/03/20 21:17:43.

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