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Poorly Erika

Posted on 2013/03/20 03:21:52 (March 2013).

[Monday 18th March 2013]
In the middle of the night Erika woke up for a feed, after which she threw it all back up again. From then on she threw up every time she drank anything, even water.

We were naturally a bit concerned, so we took her to a doctor in the morning. In Japan the health system is quite different, quite often instead of going to see a GP you just go direct to a specialist, and there are pediatricians who you can have a walk-in appointment with. He said it was possibly gastroenteritis, possible norovirus, possibly rotavirus. There wasn't any point in determining which as the treatment would be the same in all those cases.

They gave us some medicine and some advice on helping her to get rehydrated. So we then spent the rest of the day indoors tending to Erika. She actually didn't throw up again after coming back from the doctor - so either the medicine work or the vomiting had already ran its course by then. Surprisingly she actually looked relatively well too - even when she'd been throwing up she had a look on her face which was sort of "oh, what happened there?" rather than looking like she was in pain.

On doctors orders we just gave her the rehydration fluids throughout the daytime, and eventually later on in the evening gave her a small amount of milk - and she seemed fine with that.

I'd started to feel a bit funny today, although maybe it was as much to do with worrying about Erika than anything else. Either way I'd lost my appetite, and didn't actually eat anything all day. Somehow I thought if I didn't eat I wouldn't get ill, but it turned out that was of no use at all...

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