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Posted on 2013/03/14 12:53:45 (March 2013).

[Thursday 14th March 2013]
Chie's Mum went out to get her hair cut today, and the rest of us went off to "Aeon Mall" (formerly known as Diamond City) - the big shopping centre near where Chie's parents live. Chie rather likes it here. Chie's Dad came with us and we actually walked both ways. On the way there we stopped off at the Post Office, to open Erika's first bank account - lots of relatives have given us cash presents and Chie wanted to pay it into a Japanese bank account.

We had lunch in he food court in Aeon Mall. It was a bit tough to find anything vegetarian there - I ended up having some cold soba noodles (yes the were meant to be cold) which were a bit boring but I suppose they filled a hole.

After that our shopping mainly consisted of wandering around "Babies R Us" looking for things for Erika - we picked up a bath toy (a sort of duck with a chime in it) and also a "jinbei" - a type of Japanese costume which is a bit like a yukata but shorter, and comes with shorts. Here's a video of Erika with her new toy:

In the evening we had gyoza for dinner.

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