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Erika's First Food and Visiting Great Grandma

Posted on 2013/03/12 23:36:04 (March 2013).

[Tuesday 12th March 2013]
Erika had her first couple of spoonfuls of solid food this morning - being in Japan it was rice porridge. She didn't seem to make any fuss over it particularly, she's been a fan of putting plastic things in her mouth and gnawing on them for a while now, it just so happened this spoon had some food on it. Although she was a bit perplexed as to why four people were simultaneously taking pictures of her.

Chie's parents took Yuka to the station around midday, as she was heading back to Tokyo today. Chie, Erika and I stayed behind, and fended for ourselves for lunch - we walked to a nearby supermarket and bought some spaghetti and pasta sauce. I found myself missing Western food at this point.

In the afternoon we went to visit some of Chie's Mum's side of the family. Her Grandfather on that side has been in hospital for some time now and is very frail. He was fast asleep when we visited and we couldn't get him to wake up, which was a bit of a shame. Still, we'll be in Hiroshima for a while so we have more opportunities to visit.

Next we went to see Chie's Grandmother at her house, who picked some vegetables from the garden from us.

In the evening we had curry for dinner, and gave Chie's Mum a (bit of a) rest for a change, so Chie cooked.

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