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Night out with Andy

Posted on 2013/03/08 12:49:12 (March 2013).

[Thursday 7th March 2013]
Had some rather difficult meetings at the office today, including with my manager's manager who was also visiting Tokyo this week. There's a lot of "churn" going on in my part of the company at the moment, which is causing much and wringing of hands.

So in the evening I was very glad to have the chance to go out with Andy, to chew the cud in a way I only really can with other English people.

We started off at the Hobgoblin - neither of us felt particularly compelled to do anything quintessentially Japanese as Andy now lives here, and I have quite a long trip this time, so plenty of other opportunities would no doubt arise. Bizarrely Andy had not been here since moving to Japan this time round (last summer) which is odd as he confessed to craving English beer, and this is quite possibly the only place in Tokyo where you can get a proper cask ale (their Hobgoblin bitter is from a proper hand pump). It was also happy hour so the prices weren't too terrible. Andy enjoyed it so much he worked his way through at least 4 pints in the two hours we were there.

I felt at that point we should probably try and do something Japanese, so found a "Dragon Quest" themed bar just down the road. I don't think either of us had any idea what was going on there so left after one quick drink. There then followed further little hole-in-the-wall bars, none of which were particularly notable, although they all seemed expensive, this being Roppongi.

Maybe we should have just stayed in the pub.

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