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Posted on 2013/03/08 12:49:12 (March 2013).

[Wednesday 6th March 2013]
Worked fairly late at the office tonight - until almost 9. I hadn't really planned much for this evening, but realised it would be my last chance to go and visit Watanabe-san in Ikebukuro, as I'd be out with Andy the next night, and then would be in Hiroshima after that. So I headed to Ikebukuro, and of course as I was in that neck of the woods had to pop into Rohlan for dinner. I ordred the veggie tonkatsu as always - which is as delicious as it ever was - and also had the ma po ramen, which I don't think is actually such a common concept - and was also quite delicious.

I then headed on to Quercus where I had a chat about babies etc with Watanabe-san and one of the regulars, Toyota-san, who very kindly gave us a present for Erika (a very nice bib and a blankie, or whatever you call those things). Watanabe-san also gave us a little envelope with some money in (this is sort of a tradition in Japan when you have a baby). It occurred to me what an odd situation this was. Although Watanabe-san is a friend we have an unspoken agreement that I still always pay for my drinks in his bar. As it happened I'd taken with me a bottle of Sacred Gin as a present. So, to recap, I had gone to the bar and given Watanabe-san some spirits and some cash. Watanabe-san had then in return given me some spirits and some cash.

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