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Vic Reeves: Hot Valve Leak

Posted on 2013/02/27 21:11:02 (February 2013).

[Sunday 17th February 2013]
I went to see Vic Reeves' "Hot Valve Leak" exhibition at the Strand Gallery in the morning. I had a lovely time browsing the art work - Vic Reeves has always been a style of humour that I felt like I "got" independently of anyone else liking - I remember watching Big Night Out when it was first on TV, when I was 13. No-one else at school was remotely interested at the time, and so I remember talking to the student teachers about it instead.

I liked the exhibition so much in fact, that a few days later I bought a piece - the plate pictured on the shelf of ceramics.

After the exhibition I went for a lunchtime perry at the Harp, where I waited for Chie and Erika to come into town, so the three of us could go for lunch together. We decided to go for some "old fashioned" Mexican food at Cafe Pacifico. Despite all the new Mexican places we have in London now, and all the trips to the US I've made since I first went to Pacifico (in around 1999 / 2000 I reckon) I still really like this place.

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