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Grandma Comes to Visit

Posted on 2013/02/17 09:03:52 (February 2013).

[Saturday 16th February 2013]
Grandma came to visit Erika this afternoon, bringing with her as always a bag full of her handiwork, including six knitted elephants to make a mobile out of.

After a couple of cups of tea at the flat we decided to head out for a late lunch, and thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce Mum to Lebanese food - so we went to Noura. We had a long leisurely lunch, with a table full of mezze, and a bottle of Chateau Ksara Blankety Blank. Erika slept the whole way through - which was nice to begin with as it meant we could eat lunch without worrying about keeping her entertained, but in retrospect a bit of a shame as this accounted for a large chunk of the afternoon, and Grandma had come all that way to see her!

After lunch we went for a bit of a stroll around Belgravia, bought some macarons in Pierre Hermes, and then headed back to the flat for further cups of tea before Mum had to head off to catch her train.

I'd expected we'd be hungry again in the evening, but to my surprise we didn't actually have any dinner in the end.

Comment 1

Takusan no zou san kawaiine!
Erika uresisou!!

Posted by yoko at 2013/02/19 04:49:40.

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