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Hiroshimakenjinkai and Radis Noir

Posted on 2013/02/17 09:03:52 (February 2013).

[Friday 15th February 2013]
None of the usual suspects were around for TGIF today, which was a bit disappointing, so I had one quick drink with some people from my team and then headed home.

Chie wanted to go along to her Hiroshimakenjinkai this evening, so we took the rather bold decision to take Erika to a pub on a Friday evening (having first phoned the pub to check this would be OK). There were a handful of Hiroshimakenjin there, perhaps some of them slightly bemused at us showing up with a baby (that sort of thing would be even more frowned upon in Japan than it is here), but nonetheless she proved quite popular for our brief visit. It was a bit loud for Erika though, and she didn't seem very settled, so we only stayed for one drink before heading back again.

Somehow dinner had been more or less forgotten along the way, and it was 10pm before we ate anything. Chie had bought a black raddish yesterday, and I was keen to try that - so we had some of that grated, with some grated carrot, followed rather lazily by the leftover lasagne from the day before.

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