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Dim Sum

Posted on 2013/02/10 21:48:01 (February 2013).

[Saturday 9th February 2013]
Went to Royal China for dim sum today with Masumi-san. Probably picked one of the worst days of the year for it - it being Chinese New Year. Masumi-san went out for a bit in the morning first to see Westminster Abbey. She was back before midday, and although I rushed us all to Baker Street as fast as we could, it was 12:20 by the time we got there, and already the place was full. We ended up waiting about an hour for a table - had we known it would be that long we probably wouldn't have bothered, but by the time we'd already waited 20 minutes or so we decided it would be a waste of all that effort to give up. The food was really good as always and despite the fact they were probably worked off their feet the staff were in rather a friendly mood - but nonetheless we spent more time waiting than we spent eating which was a bit frustrating.

After that we went for a wander round the Wallace Collection, and then a wander through Marylebone in the direction of Fitzrovia, to also poke our noses in at the Toy Museum (we just went to the gift shop) before heading back.

Masumi-san went out to a musical in the evening, we stayed in, had Japanese curry, and gave Erika a bath.

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Three shoot iine!

Posted by yoko at 2013/02/11 01:17:53.

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