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Mum, Keith, Adrian, Liz and the Kids in London

Posted on 2012/12/29 22:28:51 (December 2012).

[Saturday 29th December 2012]
Started off the day with breakfast at the Regency Cafe with Mum and Keith.

Adrian and Liz brought the kids into London for the afternoon so Mum could spend the day with all four grandchildren. They arrived at the flat just before midday, and after a bit of a present opening session we headed out, and all got on the number 24 bus in the direction of the centre. We sat on the top deck and hopefully the kids rather enjoyed it - although the weather was a bit naff today, it still offers good views of lots of London landmarks on the way.

I managed to pull of a bit of a coup, and without a prior booking got us a table for all ten of us at Rossopomodoro for lunch. I was rather pleased with myself for that. Again, hopefully the kids enjoyed that too - I think their pizzas are really good.

We then had a bit of a damp trudge from there to the British Museum, which wasn't a huge amount of fun, and once inside the museum we all dispersed to see different bits. It was of course pretty crowded, given that it was raining, and I wasn't actually feeling in a particularly museumy mood today for a change, so probably the nicest part of this was sitting in the Great Court with Erika, watching all the people go by.

We said our goodbyes to Adrian, Liz and the kids at this point, and the rest of us got back on the 24 bus again in the direction of home. I jumped off at Victoria to help Mum and Keith find their hotel again, and we ended up going for a quick pint en route which was rather nice.

In the evening we met up with Mum and Keith again, and went to Roti Chai - the Indian street food place. Neither Mum nor Keith were particularly hungry - so this worked well as we could order lots of little dishes and they could just nibble at whatever they felt like (which in Keith's case turned out to be pretty much nothing at all!). I enjoyed the hakka chilli paneer again, although I suspect chilli is a bit like childbirth, in that it has built in amnesia - it is really fiery and I suspect I may regret that choice the next day.

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suddoku tanosisou!
suteki na oshougatu wo!

Posted by yoko at 2012/12/30 05:49:24.

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