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Christmas Eve

Posted on 2012/12/27 14:12:19 (December 2012).

[Monday 24th December 2012]
In the daytime we went for a Christmas lunch with some of the other residents of our square. Apparently they do this every year, the main reason being for people who might otherwise be by themselves for the Christmas period, but the invitation was open to everyone. Several of the attendees mentioned that it was the first time a baby had ever joined them, and she was the youngest person ever to come along. I have a feeling Chie and I were probably in second and third place for that title - we were the only people there under 60. Anyway, it was a good opportunity to meet some other people who live in the square, and hear some gossip about some of the more eccentric residents we have.

We left there just before three, and in the remainder of the afternoon decided to go out for a Christmas Eve stroll. Even at around 4:30pm London seemed desserted, and a lot of shops had closed early. We walked as far as Piccadilly, did some last minute food shopping in Fortnum and Mason in the hour before it closed (when it was surprisingly quiet - no hordes of people panic buying Christmas puddings as you might expect), and then wandered back via St. James's and Westminter. It seemed very dark - perhaps helped by the relative absence of cars - and was therefore very atmospheric.

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