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Lebanese Coffee and Sushi at Harvey Nick's

Posted on 2012/12/24 11:07:07 (December 2012).

[Sunday 23rd December 2012]
Started off the morning with a Middle Eastern sort of breakfast - Lebanese coffee (I'd bought a new bag yesterday) with dates and baklava. Somehow it felt slightly Christmassy too - I suppose that's the dates.

We ventured out for a bit in the afternoon - again it was a bit of a rainy day so we weren't filled with enthusiasm for being outside much - and popped to Harvey Nick's, where we had lunch at the Yo Sushi there (Erika enjoyed watching the dishes go round on the conveyor belt) and bought one or two things in the food hall and wine shop. From there we headed to the Waitrose in Belgravia, where we did what I suppose would be our main pre-Christmas shop. Given that it would just be the three of us for Christmas day we didn't go too overboard.

On arrival back at the flat, we found the mattress had been delivered - they'd left it with the porter - a bit confusing as I'd thought they were supposed to be picking up the other one. Guess what? This one was damp too. So we now have two damp mattresses cluttering up our flat, and Erika barely fits in her moses basket. Really, really not happy with John Lewis.

That rather cast a shadow on the remainder of the day.

Ate leftovers for dinner - a mixture of Indian and Lebanese food.

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