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Pie and Mash and Rain

Posted on 2012/12/24 11:07:07 (December 2012).

[Saturday 22nd December 2012]
Started the day with an irate phone call to John Lewis about the mattress saga, who were completely powerless to do anything apparently, and had no idea when the delivery company would come. I am on the verge of cutting up my Partnership card and taking my business elsewhere, to be honest.

Neither of us could bear the thought of being stuck in all day waiting for a delivery which may never come, so we just thought sod it, we'd go out, and if we missed it, we missed it.

For an early lunch, we headed to Manze's on Tower Bridge road, to introduce Erika to pie and mash. It occurred to me as we were there, that thus far at least she's a Londoner, born and bred, and so it seemed appropriate for her to be familiar with this traditional London fare. Of course she didn't actually eat any of it herself, but eyed it with suspicion. She may be a Londoner, but having been born in Chelsea and lived to date in Pimlico, she's not really that sort of Londoner.

It was a pretty grey and rainy sort of a day - we'd gone on the bus to Manze's, afterwards we felt like we ought to brave the elements and go for a bit of a walk, but our enthusiasm soon drained (particularly once Chie's feet got wet), so we just got as far as London Bridge station, where we decided to get the tube back home.

Once back in Pimlico we stopped off at Khallouk and Taylor for a coffee, a rather upmarket little cafe we've often walked past but for some reason have never really been in before.

We didn't really leave the flat again for the rest of the day, as it was just a bit too wet and miserable - other than a brief sally I made to the nearby Middle Eastern shop to but things for dinner.

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