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The Shortest But Most Boring Day

Posted on 2012/12/24 11:07:07 (December 2012).

[Friday 21st December 2012]
Quite a frustrating day. We'd ordered a cot and a mattress from John Lewis for Erika as she's getting too big for the moses basket now. It had arrived last night - already with some difficulty thanks to a lazy delivery company (really not happy with City Link). On arrival the mattress had a sort of damp and musty smell. The instructions said we should let it air for a few days, which we had done, but the smell hadn't gone altogether. So Chie had phoned John Lewis and got them to arrange a replacement - they were supposed to be coming to pick up the current one and drop off a new one today. However, they didn't give an exact time slot, so I ended up having to wait in all day, and it never actually arrived in the end. No communication whatsoever, just a completely wasted day.

Chie went out for lunch with friends from work - and given Erika's recent reluctance to drink from a bottle, had to take her with her.

Made curry for dinner in the evening, which came out quite well, and helped to cheer me up at least a bit after an otherwise quite frustrating day.

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