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Posted on 2012/12/20 16:44:10 (December 2012).

[Wednesday 19th December 2012]
Quite a mixed bag of a day today.

We started off the morning with Erika having a video chat with her Grandma and Great Grandma in Japan - it's the first time she's managed to catch Great Grandma on Skype, so that was rather special.

Next up, we had lunch with Iris, one of the Mums we met from the NCT antenatal group, and her baby Ollie. Iris is something of a straight talker and was quite insistent that we need to start planning Erika's schooling arrangements now. It's particularly interesting because a lot of people I've spoken to (mostly people who don't have kids in London) are quite surprised - almost shocked - when we say we're considering an independent (i.e. paid for) school. Iris on the other hand seemed somewhat incredulous that we'd consider anything else in the part of London where we are.

After lunch we all went along to the baby clinic together to have our respective babies weighed and measured. Erika now weighs 6.1 kilos and is somewhere around the 65% percentile for her age, which is all pretty good.

After that we waved off Iris and headed in the direction of Victoria Street to do a bit of shopping.

For dinner I made a stew with dumplings - the weather seemed to necessitate this sort of food - and also started work on a new batch of kimchi. It has been a while! It being the festive season I also decided to experiment with making brussel sprout kimchi. I expect the shape/density of these will mean there isn't enough contact with the paste, and it just won't work, but it seemed worth an experiment.

Chie went out for a bit after dinner to go to a yoga class, during which to placate Erika I spent the time dancing around the living room with her in the Baby Bjorn, listening to jazz. When Chie came back we swapped, and I went out for a little while to join in with a karaoke session that I'd been invited to weeks ago, and had managed to forget all about.

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