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Lunch at Fortnum and Mason

Posted on 2012/12/20 16:44:10 (December 2012).

[Tuesday 18th December 2012]
Day two of my pre-Christmas week off. In the morning I popped out to get my hair cut, and as I wanted to get it done quickly I tried a little local place which, to be honest, I wasn't very happy with. Still, I suppose it is now at least a bit shorter and neater.

The main event of the day was lunch at Fortnum and Mason with Kyle, which is turning into something of a Christmas tradition. Like last year we headed for the wine bar, and whilst the service was at best patchy, and the vegetarian offerings on the menu were not entirely remarkable, the wine at least was excellent - I thoroughly enjoyed the Bollinger flight.

Whilst there both Kyle and I did some shopping for various festive requisites, and then afterwards, as I'd generously been given the whole afternoon off from parenting duties, rounded off with one last drink at Dukes Bar. I'm afraid to have to report that the calibre of clientele there on a weekday afternoon in the run up to Christmas rather left something to be desired, when compared with the sorts of people I'd rubbed shoulders with on previous visits. There was one group in particular who were quite uncouth, and using the sort of language I'd have expected in a rough Wetherspoons, and not a refined St. James's institution like Dukes. Oh well.

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