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Posted on 2012/12/20 16:44:10 (December 2012).

[Monday 17th December 2012]
I was off work for all of this week - and all of next week - as I'd had some holiday I had to use up before the end of the year. Today we thought we might make a bit of an effort to resume flat hunting, and so I phoned lots of estate agents, although in the end we only actually managed to arrange one viewing. We thought we'd try something different than the usual area, so took a look at the City of London. The flat we looked at today was just off Fleet Street - a really fascinating location, and I actually got quite excited about it but there were enough ifs and buts that we didn't put an offer in straight away, which in London tends to me forgetting all about it.

Anyway, we were then in an interesting part of town from which to commence an afternoon stroll, so we meandered from there in the direction of a Vietnamese cafe Chie wanted to go to for a late lunch - a place called City Caphé. My past experience with Vietnamese food had been a little underwhelming, as it doesn't really have a lot to offer for vegetarians. This place did seem a bit more promising though - and despite the setback that they'd ran out of the vegetarian pho, I had a fairly simple lunch of spring rolls with rice which was surprisingly nice.

After that we did a few museums - firstly the art gallery and the little clockmaker's museum at the Guildhall, and then after that the Museum of London. They were all fascinating in their own way - the old paintings of London in the Guildhall, the rolling ball clock in the clockmaker's museum, and the recreation of Victorian shops (and a pub!) in the Museum of London. A very enjoyable afternoon!

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