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Ai-san's Christmas Party

Posted on 2012/12/20 16:44:08 (December 2012).

[Sunday 16th December 2012]
We Ai-san at one of the ante-natal classes we went to - it's great that Chie has a Japanese friend with an almost identically aged baby (they're just a week apart) who lives just round the corner from us.

Today she invited the three of us to a Christmas party at their flat, with a few other Japanese friends of hers, and a total of three babies.

I popped out for a bit in the middle to do a bit of Christmas shopping, and ended up having to go to four different department stores to find what I wanted to buy for Chie - Liberty, Fenwick, Selfridge's and then finally Harvey Nicks. This seemed slghtly ironic - surely the point of department stores is that you go to one shop and are able to buy several presents, not that you go to several shops and only manage to buy one present.

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