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Friday Night with Erika

Posted on 2012/12/16 11:25:26 (December 2012).

[Friday 14th December 2012]
Last day at work of this year - I had saved a lot of my holiday this year thinking I might need to take extra time off after paternity leave, but in the end we'd managed to cope pretty well with just the odd half day off here and there. So I had five days I had to use up before the end of the year (after I'd already taken the standard days off around Christmas week) which meant taking all of next week off.

I stayed in this evening to look after Erika while Chie went out to her Hiroshimakenjinkai group's annual bonenkai party. It started out reasonably well - I managed to keep her entertained for a while with various rattles and her mobile - and then we popped out together for a bit to pick up a pizza for dinner - she happily dozed off in the Baby Bjorn.

When it came time for her feed things went downhill rather rapidly though - she seemed to have decided as of this evening she won't accept milk from a bottle any more. This had mostly worked in the past without issue, but tonight all of a sudden she wasn't having any of it. I'm pretty sure she was hungry/thirsty - and I'd tried all the other usual remedies first - but after half an hour of trying to get her to take the bottle (amidst constant crying) I was out of ideas. I didn't want to make Chie come home early, so I just sent a text message to see if she had any advice, but that prompted her to head back. Of course, as soon as Chie arrived home, and standard milk provision arrangements were resumed, she stopped crying and was then quite relaxed for the rest of the evening. Her parents however didn't recover so quickly - it had been pretty harrowing for me, and Chie understandably was rather disappointed to have had her night out unexpectedly cut short.

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