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Christmas Party Number 2

Posted on 2012/12/16 11:25:25 (December 2012).

[Monday 10th December 2012]
The previous one had been just for engineering, this one was company wide - and usually each year this is the worse of the two. I went home for a bit first so I could help give Erika a bath and make dinner. I decided to make a bit of an effort and get dressed up for the party - so I went in my suit.

On arrival, as it had been the last couple of years, it was in a grotty nightclub - and it was dark, loud and absolutely packed. I made a brief effort to have a wander around and find people I knew. I did find some friends, and then went to the bar to get a drink, but there was a ridiculous queue, so I decided to just give up and leave instead. I couldn't stop worrying given the cramped conditions somebody might spill something on my suit.

I think I managed about 15 minutes - a personal record for the least time I've ever spent at one of our Christmas parties.

I decided to head out to the Seven Stars instead, which was surprisingly quiet - it being in the run-up to Christmas I expected it would be busy even on a Monday night. I had one quick pint there, then headed off again, in the general direction of back home, but decided to stop off en route to poke my nose in at the newly reopened Cafe Royal Hotel, which I've been hearing a lot about recently. Most of the bits which are currently open to the public are bland, modern and generic, but I did manage to get a member of staff to let me take a peek at the famous Grill Room - as frequented by Oscar Wilde and chums - which has a rather lavish gilded interior. Headed home after that.

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