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Work Pub Crawl

Posted on 2012/12/02 22:25:47 (December 2012).

[Monday 3rd December 2012]
A load of visitors from other offices descended on our office for the first half of this week for a summit. As has become the tradition when my team gets a lot of visitors, we took them out for a pub crawl this evening. I actually booked space at the first pub - The Black Friar - as we planned to eat there. The rough estimate I'd worked to was about 15 to 20 people, but in the end I counted 32 attendees. Amazingly somehow or other it actually worked - everyone managed to eat at the first pub, and most of the group continued on to the second - with the numbers understandably having dwindled somewhat by the third and fourth.

I had to adapt the typical itinerary I might have adhered to in order to focus on pubs which could actually hold that many people (especially as spilling out onto the street wasn't really an attractive option this time of year), so after the Black Friar headed to Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, the Old Bank of England, and then finished at the Cittie of Yorke.

I hope everybody enjoyed themselves.

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