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St. Andrew's Day Supper

Posted on 2012/12/02 22:25:10 (December 2012).

[Friday 30th November 2012]
I'd been in Japan this year when we might otherwise have held a Burns Night, and with the recent increase in space taken in the flat by baby things, Chie had suggested it might be good to invite some people round to help finish off a few bottles of whisky which have been hanging around for quite a while. So, St. Andrew's Day seemed like a good opportunity to do just that, and also gave me an excuse to buy Erika a little kilt and a ghillie shirt which I thought she looked absolutely adorable in.

I invited the usual suspects from work round and to my surprise everyone said yes (although at the last minute Al and Charlotte had to cancel because they were ill). I made almost exactly the same meal I always make for a Burns Night - Scotch broth followed by haggis, neeps and tatties. I also made cranachan. I think it all went rather well, and the next morning I was able to throw out six empty bottles of whisky (although I hasten to add all of these had only had a glass or two left in the bottle at the start of the evening).

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