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Devil's Punchbowl

Posted on 2012/05/27 21:55:18 (May 2012).

[Saturday 19th May 2012]
There was a feature in the Country Life I'd picked up on a whim last weekend about the surrey countryside. Having been working quite long hours (and often at the weekends too) recently I thought a breath of fresh air and a stroll might be a good idea, so I decided we should go and take a look at the Devil's Punchbowl.

We got the train to Haslemere, and it was about a three or four mile walk from there. If anything the countryside on the way there was a bit nicer than the actual Punchbowl itself, which looks a bit scarred by human intervention to me (in particular they've only recently closed the big A road that used to go past here. Still, at least it got us out in the fresh air.

On the way back to Haslemere we got the bus - probably the most expensive bus I've ever been on. It was a whopping 3.70 each for a single, and we only spent about 15 minutes on it.

Before getting the train back to London we went for lunch and did a bit of shopping in Haslemere, a town with a bit of a family connection (Vera's parents moved here during the war) which seemed quite pleasant.

We were back in London with some of the afternoon still remaining, and I spent some of the rest of the day working.

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