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Wellington Arch and Apsley House

Posted on 2012/05/27 21:55:17 (May 2012).

[Sunday 13th May 2012]
Bought a copy of Country Life yesterday, and leafing through found an article mentioning that the Wellington Arch had reopened to visitors. So I thought we'd go and take a look in the morning.

Not a huge amount to see inside the arch - they had a small exhibition on about Stone Henge which was quite pleasant, and then we took in the views from the two balconies at the top. Not quite high enough to see far beyond the perimeter of the Hyde Park Corner roundabout, but still it was an interesting and different perspective on a familiar landmark.

We got a combined ticket to go into Apsley House, another one of those places we'd passed a hundred times but had never given much thought about going inside. It was a surprise hit - very grand and impressive interiors and a very large collection of art.

After this we walked through Belgravia in the hope of finding somewhere for a pub lunch, but alas my favourite pubs there were closed, it being a Sunday. So we ended up buying a sandwich and eating it on the balcony of my office, where I then stayed for the remainder of afternoon and into the early evening to get some work done. With the launch of my project looming there was a lot to do.

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