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Flat Viewing and Islington

Posted on 2012/05/27 21:55:17 (May 2012).

[Saturday 12th May 2012]
Went to look at a flat around midday, which I was really rather taken with, and for the first time we actually put an offer in (on Monday). Alas though, given that the flat was actually nice (so many of them in this crazy price range surprisingly aren't) several other people were interested and we were outbid. In hindsight I think we should have just gone higher - it's only money after all - but never mind, what's done is done.

After the flat viewing we walked to Victoria, and from there got the tube to Highbury and Islington. Islington isn't a part of the city I'm very familiar with, but Chie wanted to go and have lunch at Ottolenghi on Upper Street, and I wanted to go to visit the Victoria Miro Gallery, so it seemed like a good opportunity to combine the two.

Lunch at Ottolenghi was good in terms of the food (albeit their salads are quite salty) but I realised I have a kind of phobia of communal tables - I can't have a conversation with a stranger sitting either side of me. So after the first few minutes I asked to move, and we managed to get one of the tables for two. Much better.

The Victoria Miro Gallery had interested me because it's the main gallery where Grayson Perry's work is exhibited. Actually at the door one of the staff said "Are you here for Grayson Perry?" and I rather regret not having said yes - I assumed that must have been some kind of private invitation only event, as the main exhibition was by another artist. Anyway, I hear Perry will be exhibiting there again in a few weeks, so we'll be back.

Headed to Old Street from there, stopped off at the Shoreditch Grind (presumably some kind of hipster cafe) for a coffee and then headed home.

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