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Richmond and Ham House

Posted on 2012/05/08 20:20:01 (May 2012).

[Monday 7th May 2012]
Whenever you visit a National Trust property these days, the people on the ticket desk always try and persuade you to join, extolling what a great saving it is. We always tell them we live in central London and don't own a car, and so we typically only go to about one National Trust place a year. Having said exactly that on Saturday, I then ending up going to two in three days (today being bank holiday Monday).

My friend Al had said he was going to walk to Ham House from Clapham Junction today, and so I jumped on the tube to Richmond and met him there. Not sure I was wildly excited by the house itself, but I suppose it was a pleasant enough distraction for an hour or so.

The highlight of the day was probably the excitement at discovering, while we were in the house, that the Thames had flooded. I think it's pretty common in Richmond at high tide, but still it was quite a surprise to find that the path we'd walked along the river to get here was now, well, part of the river. Fortunately there was an alternative path a little further back, so we weren't stranded. In the centre of Richmond too, the beer garden of the pub we went to (the White Cross - which I'd passed earlier in the day) was in danger of becoming a beer pond, and suddenly the high stools at the table made a lot of sense.

Headed back after a couple of drinks in Richmond, and made curry for dinner. It was a bit of a disappointment. I had ran out of curry paste and didn't really have the right dried spices in ether.

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