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Booking Office Bar

Posted on 2012/05/08 20:20:00 (May 2012).

[Wednesday 2nd May 2012]
My friend Andrew at the office was promoted, which seemed like a good excuse for a celebratory drink.

So a few of us from the office headed went for a return visit to the Booking Office Bar in St. Pancras for some Champagne etcetera.

I have to admit the place itself has gone down a bit in my reckoning since our first visit - it was probably largely due to having a very long wait at the bar before we could buy our first drink (despite their being lots of staff milling about but not clearly doing anything) and then not being able to find a table to sit down at for most of the time we were there. I suppose you can't really blame a bar for being busy, but when they then also tried to add service charge onto our drinks I was decidedly miffed. I just handed over the exact amount in cash when I bought a round so there was no possible chance of a discussion about it. Charging service when you're ordering directly from the bar (and standing up to drink) is just not on.

Still, irritations about the venue aside, it was a jolly evening, and we were all very pleased for Andrew.

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