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Posted on 2012/03/25 11:32:04 (March 2012).

[Friday 23rd March 2012]
I felt a little bad about having slipped out early from my colleague's goodbye drinks yesterday, and we hadn't really had a chance to say our farewells properly (not to mention the fact that whenever there's a large group of people from the office we never end up going anywhere particularly special). So I proposed that some time before his flight on Monday we should go to Dukes Bar in St. James's - given that he's a fan of cocktails, and this place is supposed to do some of the best Martinis in the world. As it turned out, it was also his birthday today, and he was going for dinner in the evening with his wife and in-laws, and a pre-dinner drink at Duke's would fit in rather well.

It was fairly short - we were there for less than two hours, but I think my colleague enjoyed it, and I feel like I've given him a proper send off now.

They all got in a taxi and headed off to dinner just after seven, leaving me at a loose end for the remainder of the evening. It was still a pleasant evening outdoors, Chie was out for the evening with friends from work, and I was all dressed up, so it seemed a bit like a bit of a waste to just go home at 7:30. However, after a couple of Martinis I didn't particularly want to drink anything else. So I went for a long meandering stroll through St. James's, Mayfair and Soho, and stopped off en route at Tibits for some dinner. I eventually ended up walking all the way home.

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