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Cocktail Shaker, Burrito, More Goodbye Drinks

Posted on 2012/03/25 11:32:04 (March 2012).

[Thursday 22nd March 2012]
Someone in the office unearthed an old box of "schwag" (promotional gifts) today, and offered them to our team first as they'd been to do with the launch of our project last year. I was rather delighted with these, as although they were technically coffee flasks, I'd already been using something very similar as a cocktail shaker at home, and so now I had a much nicer looking one to use instead.

At lunchtime I was in the mood for a burrito, so made the fairly long trek out from the office to my favourite burrito place, which I think I quote on the balcony back at work. That was rather nice.

My colleague who was leaving the office this week had, it turned out, no intention of just slipping away quietly, and was determined to make it an almost week long set of festivities. So tonight there were more drinks planned, but I wasn't really in the mood (not helped by the fact the pub we went to was packed and we had to sit outside in the cold) so I left after one drink, and had dinner at home.

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